For the past 25 years Minerva has provided writing, editing , publishing and coaching services across many industries, from the legal to the corporate world, with many quirky projects in between.

Minerva has helped clients to find their voice, whether to achieve clarity in corporate written communications, to capture precious memories for the next generation or to tell a personal story of triumph in the face of adversity.

Writing Coaching

Our approach to writing coaching involves working with the client so that writing skills are transferred. It's a mentoring role that is particularly useful to those in a corporate environment who are unsure of their writing skills. The ability to write clearly, accurately and concisely is a vital asset on the path to success.


Minerva has been involved in the publication of 15 books on subjects ranging from personal stories of wartime experiences to the economics of alcohol sales. We have collaborated in the design and conceptualisation of each book, as well as guiding the publication process.


Mistakes, grammatical or in clarity, undermine the professional image of a company. Minerva has edited written business communications from reports to legal documents to websites so as to ensure that the message is conveyed accurately and appropriately, with no loss of face.