Minerva Professional Writing Services is based in Durban, South Africa.

Durban-based writer Allison Broster has had a lifelong obsession with language, its power and its pitfalls. Along the way she has learnt five languages and explored the way words work in different cultures. In English we respond, “That’s good”, in French “All the better” and in Italian “Less bad” to the same situation, a clue to the way we see the world differently.

After 20 years as a translator, Allison was asked to help give a voice to a dying generation of WWII veterans who had been Special Forces pioneers. And so began a project that has seen the publication of ten books with the theme “The Men Speak”, covering many chapters of personal history. People wanted to tell their own stories, not be remembered solely through the eyes of others.

The word then spread that there was an affordable way to capture those precious memories or to talk about a special project. Along the way Minerva has provided coaching, consulting and editing services on projects ranging from organic kitchen gardening to how alcohol works in our bodies.

Whether your story is personal or corporate, we work with you to give your ideas a voice that will make an impact on the people you want to reach.